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Composition in graphic design, photography, sculpture or any other design work is referred to or better understood as the placement or arrangement of visual elements or ingredients in a work of art. Elements help in giving structure to the layout of the art work and describe the way the subject is visualised & presented by the artist / designer. They also encourage the viewer to look at the art work in totality and still be focused on the subject (focal point). With our more than a decade of experience in Designs industry, we list some of the designs elements which we consider as most important for any composition.
Focus: The most critical element of any composition is Focus, Subject or the Focal point. It could be looked upon as the seed of inspiration or the framework around with the entire composition revolves.



Symmetry: Symmetry gives any design a sense of balance, a sense of “Feel right” factor. A balanced and symmetrical arrangement of visual ingredients adds to the sense of calm and peace whereas asymmetrical or skewed arrangement of visual ingredients creates more dynamic feeling; a composition which is not balanced creates a sense of unease which many a times is not appreciated by viewers, until it represents a negative subject in itself.
Sense of Belonging: In any composition, designer has to make sure the visual ingredients in the design should express sense of belonging so as to make the entire composition united represents the unique focused subject.
Movement: To make sure viewers are able to view an artwork the way Artist or Designer wants them to they have to lead sense of movement for viewers to follow while viewing their composition. As per our experience there are some of the promising ways to give this sense of movement in an art work such as the arrangement of objects, the flow of river or waves on the beach, the position of figures or simply using leading lines such as the lines of fence or rail or road or implied lines such as row of mountains & hills, curve of stones etc.
Pattern & Proportion: Regular repetition of some pattern like lines or shapes or even colors add great value in a composition also we have observed that a balanced or symmetrical composition consist of proportionate visual elements that fit together and can relate to each other in terms of scale, distance and size.



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