Difference between Modeling for Games and Modeling for Movies – Outsource 3d modeling- 3d model Outsourcing

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Let it be 3DsMax or Maya, 3D designers and modelers primarily use most of the same tools and techniques to achieve a stunning piece of work. Having said that, no matter if the tools and techniques remain same in both modeling for movies and modeling for games still the process followed differ a lot and so are the limitations. With more than a decade of experience in Designs industry and having worked for numerous modeling assignments, here we would like to share some of the critical pointers out of our experience.
Designers get an open hand when it comes to the polygon budget for development of movies as compared to the polygon budget limitation in game development process. Let it be an animated movie like ‘How to train your Dragon’ or ‘Finding Nemo’ or a live action film with integrated computer graphics like ‘Pacific Rim’, there’s no limit on the amount of polygons in any given model. The only constraint designer of movie modeling face is the limitation of time. Like any other production house movie production also follows a deadline which technically means designers need to produce stunning looking models on time as the result designers for movies get freehand to use range of polygons to get the model look striking on screen.

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