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Good typography can be a keystone to a successful web design. Even if web design include slots of text but hitting the right mark for the typography is a key factor in the overall success of the site. The purpose of typography is to enable readers to focus and submerge themselves in the content of the text. Good typography, by definition means that it helps overall text to fulfil its purpose of statement.
Two things must happen for readers to focus and immerse themselves in the text. First, the typography must convey emotion or feelings. Second, the text must be easy to read for audience.
Typesetting is all about setting font size, height and width size of body text as the initial step of the project. The page should contain multiple elements, like h1, h2, h3, body text and captions, for which one must make a conscious choice as to what works for the design. Adding content is the real important factor as content is the main element due to which target audiences gets attached and attracted .Understand distance between readers eye and devices whether mobile or ipad or laptop or pc. Thinking just like other readers, designers should feel the distance while typesetting. If typesetting is for a mobile device, look at then output through a phone. If typesetting is for a laptop, sit at your desk with the laptop, and then decide.


logo 3.jpg

Once proper environment is created then decide for font size. Then decide for line and height adjustment. Bear in mind there is nothing known as perfect typesetting. One which gets adjusted according to target audience and through which audiences feel attached .Generally all good typography don’t have perfect measurement for height, width and font size. Instead it should be easily readable to the audiences. There are few issues one may face if have too short font – makes audiences a lot to concentrate to read the text or make them squint or one may feel urge to zoom in. In same way if font is too large then one may only notices fonts instead of text or content. Or one can read only 1 or 3 words at a time or one may feel to zoom in.
On other hand if text is too long then one may lose interest in reading it or feel like to turn their head away from text. However if the text is too short then one may feel irritation because of breaking of text or eyes get tired from bouncing to the left and right rapidly. In same way if the leading is too narrow then audiences may feel dense and overwhelming or may read wrong line of text accidentally. On other hand leading is too large then audiences eyes get tired from bouncing to the left and right rapidly. Good typography should be well readable .Another important factor for good typography is line spacing. Line spacing can be a major deal breaker for a good scheme of typography.

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