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BLENDER- This modelling software is having best and most active 3d printing community for sharing resources.It’s having lots of you tube videos,goggle search results related to 3d printing contents.It’s having innumerable tools for its users and also is considered as open free source but they are considered as quite difficult for their beginners
On 2nd ranking comes Sketch up .They are considered as one of the software with silver medal in ranking after bleeder who is on gold level ranking. Best thing about sketchup model is that it’s having free of cost version. It’s known as beginner’s learning curve.
On 3rd ranking comes Solid works which is known as 3d design solution for engineers.They helps in creating 2d drawings, creation of parts and assemblies.
On 4th ranking comes fusion 360 which are available in free version for educators,students and hobbyist and start-ups.They are quite famous for industrial engineers and it mixes professional capabilities of high end cad programmes with user friendly interface and workflow
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On 5th ranking comes up software named as Inventor which is known as advanced 3d modelling software .Its known for product simulation tools,3d mechanical design and development features.It’s one of the software which requires lots of training for getting mastery.Inventor is having direct competition with solid works  .
On 6 th ranking comes Maya known as computer animation software instead of 3d modelling.Users use this software for animation,renderings and simulation facilities.And its quite famous tool among all
On 7 th ranking comes AutoCAD which was released in 1982 known for commercial cad and drafting facilities.
On 8th ranking comes Max which is very well known in visual effects artist and game developers.
Next comes ZBrush is very famous as digital sculpting software for creating magical creatures,figurine  and other objects
On last ranking comes Tinker cad-It makes 3d modelling most easy and it most importantly it offers basic design tools
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