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Augmented Reality

Since last many years, the retail industry has been changing due to changes at the global and local levels. Different factors like online shopping, changing mindset of consumers, the emergence of social media are certain causes which have affected shopping and its related behaviour over the last many years. Because of the changing mindset of consumers towards a mix of online and bricks and mortar shopping, brands need to come out with a more attractive and modern way of drawing buyer’s attention. That’s why the latest technology augmented reality comes into the picture which gives them a more personalised and immersive way of the shopping experience. Being considered as futuristic technology, AR makes this technology accessible using your smart phones. Many biggies are defining augmented reality as their future technology like APPLE launched ARK IT- through which developers will create augmented reality for their Apple devices. Even others like Google is known for its mobile innovations shaped Google Glass which was considered as accessory far ahead of its time.
AR as marketing tool-Because of this futuristic technology, consumers can easily scan any products and get instant product details. Not only this increases brand engagements but also makes the shopping experience more meaningful and eye-catching for them.
AR all about breaching the limitations-Earlier we were only linked to the boxed interface like mobile, desktop or tablets for getting contents. But with the advancement of this technology, users have received appealing and eye-catching experience because the whole environment can act as a content area. Thus users can get fresh experience beyond the boundaries of computer or mobile screen.
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E-commerce gets innovative outlook-This technology have thoroughly redefined e-commerce in many ways. Like earlier we only can see products online but this technology makes it possible to try a new outfit virtually without going through disturbing consumers of changing clothes.
Gaming industry has largely impacted- AR has changed gaming scenario like Pokemon Go which is well known and remarkable games throughout the world. Even there are many upcoming games based on augmented reality to engage and attract their users.
AR as interactive medium-AR has always shown a possible way to stand out among the crowds so as to distinguish their brands from others. In 2011, Starbucks have very well utilised this technology to leverage their customers with the fresh and innovative experience of valentine day campaign. Thus AR technology helps in an engaging overloaded mess with more attention-grabbing experiences.
At C-Design we always make sure to understand client’s requirements properly and then offer them best possible competitive augmented reality model by using latest tools and technologies. Our clients always have transparent communication with us and proper coordination with them at every developmental stages. Our proficient designers are well qualified and proficient in their fields and possess necessary tools & techniques to design live direct or indirect view of physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by system-generated sensors.
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C-DESIGN PROVIDES OUTSOURCE CREATIVE SERVICES IN  Outsource 3d Modeling,3d ModelsModeling Services,3d Modeling Services in India. outsourcing 3d modeling works.





Photo realism is a persuasive art that use graphic medium to create artwork that is markedly sensible. The artists study photograph and effort to create an artwork of it. Photo realism is implement in 2D and 3D rendering and the art is called Photo realistic Rendering. The professionals have to cautiously replicate tri-dimensional models with the automatic rendering process. This is facilitate with newest computer applications.
While look at the photo realistic renders, it will take a even as to recognise that they are mere render because of their close likeness to the original 3D models. It is an extremely effective art used in architectural designing that can amaze the customers with the revelation of projects prior to edifice.

·         Bevel Application

Normal objects contain no sharp edges; instead, they be round. With bevelling you can present a practical touch to the models even as running the lighting solution successfully. This can improve the facsimile of natural or man-made matter. If you do not know to use bevel and element the edges of matter, then practice it as this is an successful tool that can effortlessly recover photo realism in your 3d design.

·         Application of Linear workflow

Beginners create 3D renders should master Linear Workflow and hear to realise it. You need to apply Linear Workflow if the output provide by your make engine contrast with color places of images showcased by monitors. Then the effortless solution is to apply Gamma Correction and pick up the design. While these strategy are lengthily used by architects and 3D professional, be prompt to adapt them and pick up your 3D renderings and live up the opposition from the players in the same field.

·         Lighting

Some convention hold good in photo realism of render too. Lighting is an important thing in conventional shooting and painting. It in detail acting really central role in different steps to create heart in 3dsmax. everyday light sources can be worn to increase photo realism. V-Ray or other rendering engines reproduce the allocation of light in the 3D rendering. Illuminated scenes can easily convert the quality of your 3D renderings.
comprise right lighting to set the scene of your renderings. You can adjust light and set the mood of the scene as daytime or night. Also contain a source of false light so that the scene looks obviously illuminated from this source of light. You can also contain direct or tortuous lighting and augment photo realism.

·         Application of IES lights

Professional 3D artists keen on civilising photo realism are using IES lights in the design. It provides information on luminescence and other daylight effects. Now, professionals are considering this request an superior option than imitating real light over the widen of hours.

·         Photo realism and textures

Textures can describe your 3D renderings and augment photo realism. Highlight and define the textures of the supplies such as leather or wood so that it is easily identifiable while any person view the 3D renders. You container also comprise indication and property. Integrate all these imperative basics in your 3D renders to electrify the spectators.

  Colour aberration

Try colour aberration with Photoshop and pick up your procedure. 3D professionals are apply colour aberration in their renders lengthily after they establish the occurrence to be effectual. merely play with your lenses and use higher software to direct colour aberration. Using Photoshop strain opt for the lens alteration mode and then apply Red or Blue periphery. In this procedure, you can direct good colour anomaly. 3D professionals fake the deviation to offer a good effect; it is become a immense idea to increase photo realism. Though color deviation can boost photo realism, consider to not overdo it.

·         Natural effect

Use normal belongings such as cracks and additional good property to add practicality in your 3D designs. Use abundance of articles, props etc. for the scene to build it look normal and not false. Forget the notion of present an spotless picture. Rather it must have a human stroke. If it is a room, then the render must seem as although it has been worn by people.

·         Depth Effects

request of depth property is an effective method to increase photo realism. Use Photoshop and regulate the depth belongings in the conditions. scrutinise the results. You will discover that the 3D renders contain befall more photo realistic.

·         Relevance of Asymmetry

3D professional have given up on the conservative notion of symmetry. Instead, they are singing with irregularity to offer exceptional petition to their 3D renders. Try out this photo realistic rendering system in your new 3D renders.

·         Improve photo realism in the final renders

Manage colours and contrast, adjust objects, and locate out if any model is suspended in your renders. You can add closing touches to your render and make sure better realism. Add flair to your 3D rendering and turn it imposing and highly sensible.

Secular Maps

Do you desire your 3D models to be the extra sensible? In fact, how to create remarkably sensible renderings? The simple resolution is to use Secular Maps. This request detects the condition of glossiness in the article or 3d models. You can identify if any part of the objects require glossiness or not. Adjust your property accordingly and pick up your photo realistic CGI images.
With the application of superior tools, techniques and error-detection, it is possible to pick up 3D renders dynamically. growing photo realism is an efficient way to convert 3-D rendering and help patrons visualise the architectural projects easily and also exactly. Flattering dream can impress them with grand imagery of the project below building.
Photo realistic 3D renderings are judgement request in high budget architectural projects. Architects and 3D professionals require to offer extremely realistic renders for patrons to confirm on the design and building of the project. With correct renders, the design is permitted in the high resources project lacking puzzlement or even the least difference.

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C-DESIGN PROVIDES OUTSOURCE CREATIVE SERVICES IN  Outsource 3d Modeling,3d ModelsModeling Services,3d Modeling Services in India. outsourcing 3d modeling works.


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Are you thoughts of hire a 3D artist? If you are verdict it tricky to choose among full moment workers and outsourcing, a methodical study of the pros and cons of these two options is the crucial obsession to do. This judgement will help you to ease the choice building process.
Many big businesses go for the in-house decision as it is suitable than the other one. though, if you run a small business and face monetary constraints, outsourcing to a expert 3D design company would be the accurate thing to do. This choice give you greater freedom, coupled with slighter obligations in many facet. Besides, if 3D design is not your company’s core purpose, maintain expert 3D artists as in-house capital would be a bad idea.
Outsourcing of 3D services in information comes with a whole host of advantages. Some of the most significant ones are thorough below.

· Cost factor

Cost is clearly the major subject for mainly of the companies. In this aspect, outsourcing 3D services emerge as a bankable alternative. Companies can keep big currency by bank on the outsourcing plan.
Companies in European countries and USA usually give long vacations; these are paid holidays. Also, 3D designs is not the core purpose in numerous of these companies. So, expenses on full-time in-house populace would be a pointless venture. Today, several of these countries are then constricting out their projects to country like India, Ukraine and Brazil. These mechanism include animation, modelling, rendering and dream. The reason are superior-quality military and moderately lower costs of growth.
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 Office expenses

The office cost regularly include expenses for project organisation, information sharing, technical consulting, higher communications, workstation, licensed software’s , servers, web cameras and system to track time. These amenities are desirable to ensure higher levels of efficiency. Keeping an in-house 3D artist also lead to further operating expense connected to IT infrastructure, statement and utilities.

· Tax system

A plane tax rate system exist in Ukraine. Tax and annual income fund instalment come under the cost. temporarily, employees in nearly all European countries are fraught with extra taxes such as medical insurance, social security tax, redundancy tax and others. This is yet an extra factor that prompts European nations to outsource 3D modelling military and everything related.

·  Salary differences

The average promote salaries for the country decide the expenses of outsourced 3D artists. For example, a mid-level 3D artist from Ukraine draws an annual salary that ranges from 15,000 to 40,000 dollars. For an in-house 3D artist in Western Europe and USA, the salary range is 25,000 to 75,000 annually. In this case India again emerge to be the best choice as of comparatively cheaper pricing packages.

· Other profit

When you outsource 3D services, it leads to other remuneration too. A sizeable quantity can be saved on travel. execution wage after project conclusion can be avoided. Cost for impart training to workers can be avoid.
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Innovations In 3D Printing – Outsource 3D Printing

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Innovations In 3D Printing

Direct-metal printing is receiving faster and additional capable, and several new technology are currently coming into participate. The number of metal alloys that can be 3-D printed is on the rise, with they have excellent presentation individuality. You can get high-performance glow weighting and difficulty that is unfeasible with customary intend and developed processes. With these changes, picture the potential: Complex and extremely thorough products serious for the aerospace, automotive and mechanisation industries resolve soon be obtainable for manufacture at a portion of the cost. If your car needs a repair, you’ll quickly be able to acquire a shift knob or fuel-door hinge brooch that was speedily and reasonably printed. Aerospace engineers will use the same skill to produce jigs and equipment for spacecrafts. The implication are stunning. What’s more, there are entirely automated, multi station direct-metal printer that are basically an entire plant in a box. With mechanical parts change and material replenishment, they can accurately operate roughly the clock.
GE is a major entertainer in the direct-metal printing meadow, and the company predicts that its metal industry alone will surpass $1 billion in annual revenue in the next connect years. And early-stage companies such as Desktop Metal and Mark bogus have received some hundred million dollars in funding to deliver entry-level direct-metal systems that print from a metal-plastic thread.
So on one hand, entry-level masses companies will upset conformist CNC machining and local machine-shop business. And on the other, you see high-complexity accuracy aero frame developed solutions starting GE and several other 3-D companies.
Innovations In Printing Speed
For decades, 3-D printing has been talented in terms of numerical accuracy and accuracy, but printing speeds remain very slow. But this too is varying.
The CLIP knowledge from Carbon 3D and similar technologies from company like one of mine, Nexa 3D, are capable of endlessly printing photo-curable polymers at very high speeds — 40 or 50 times the velocity of a conservative stereo lithography 3-D printing system.
With the aptitude to print a centimetre every minute, these system will no doubt play a main role in the design-to-built-up cycle. While a similar job used to take days, now you canister get parts in your tender in five, 10 or 15 minutes.
It resolve also set free work with totally new chemistry, chiefly within several variant of urethane. You can build the output rigid, semi-rigid or flexible, and these kinds of variation in chemistry release up a lot of end-use applications, from sporty shoes to vehicle interiors to attire.
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How These Innovations Will Shape The Future 
When you mingle all these advancement with unlimited compute power in the cloud, Lot connectivity, big data and next-generation robotics, you arrive at the attentiveness of Industry 4.0: a truly cognitive, adaptive and mainly self-optimising plant. And this huge growth will largely be catalysed and furled by stabiliser developed.
In some industries, 3-D printing has been measured or utilise for several decades. However, the use cases have mainly been in design and prototyping. Industries that have a huge contract of expertise with this technology such as aerospace and automotive are creation to unlock these capability so that others can create effective tools, fixtures, jigs and end-use parts. They are just launch to scratch the surface of 3-D printing for absolute built-up.
Many companies will too spend in incessant photo polymer systems. Garner expects the expansion in photo polymer 3-D printers over the then couple years to be in the locality of 75%.In sector such as strength care and modified medical devices, additional and more 3-D printers are being worn to create inquiry aids, dental fixtures, hip replacement, medical implant and surgical tools.High-speed photo polymer system are ideal for dental applications, while shortest-metal and SLS solution are a enhanced fit for positive implant.
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3D Printing Softwares for Digital Sculptures – 3D Modeling Services

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Sculpting Programs

Z Brush

lacking any doubt, ZBrush is the mainly trendy and most influential digital sculpting plan out there. It offer the world’s most higher tools for everybody from art enthusiast to main film and games studios.
Launched in 1999 as 2.5D modelling software, it is now the go-to result for 3D sculptors and painters. Jody Garrett, who printed the goat skull that you can see under with ZBrush, calls the software a “hands-down tour-de-force of digital tools.”
Heads up although: Z Brush come with a quite steep education curve and a price of 795 USD. To get a sense for the software lacking taking any risks you can start ZBrush’s 45-day-trial version here. You must also check out our lecture about how to organise your Z Brush model for 3D printing here.

Mud box

ZBrush’s major competitor is Mud box, which was urbanised in 2007 and acquire by Auto desk. Mud box digital picture and sculpting software provide 3D artists with an instinctive and tactile tool set for create and modify 3D geometry and textures.
  • Mud box’s sculpting method differs several what to that of Z Brush and can be careful as more beginner-friendly.
  • The main dissimilarity between both program is that Z Brush is greatly improved at generate a base geometry to start model with than Mudbox. With Mudbox, you need to use integrations with Maya or 3ds Max to produce a base geometry further effortlessly.
  • Overall, Z Brush and Mud box feature related sets of tools and brushes. However, Z Brush beats Mud box in conditions of functionality.
  • Z Brush is frequently careful to be greater to Mud box when it comes to canvas the model.


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Mesh mixer

If you don’t desire to jump into the freezing water right absent, you might want to get ongoing with some free sculpting apps first. Mesh mixer is solitary of the free 3D-sculpting-based CAD programs formed by Autodesk – and it is also one of their simpler, more beginner-friendly program. Mesh mixer can be used to instinctively sculpt designs, hollow them out, cut them apart, and merge parts together without wrecking your mesh’s internal or outdoor geometry. It’s a very cool tool to arrange your design for 3D printing as fine.

3D Coat

3D Coat is one more interesting digital sculpting program. Its major advantages are its wonderful powerful texturing, UV mapping, and canvas tools.
The universal 3D modeling fraction of working with this software is beautiful eccentric and differs from the other program listed here. though, if your number one anxiety is ‘coating’ your mold with a immense texture, then 3D Coat is your best friend.


Sculptress is a free digital sculpting tool, shaped by Pixologic, the corporation after ZBrush. If you’re new to the world of digital sculpting, Sculptress is the ideal opinion on which to get ongoing. It shows you the extremely basics of what Z Brush is clever to do.
Sculptress provide an admirable gateway keen on the world of 3D sculpting. Its skin are easy to learn, still for people with little or no knowledge in digital art, yet robust adequate for creating thorough base models. Sculptress also lets you introduce 3D meshes (.obj) for further detail and modifying.

Online 3D Sculpting App

Last except not least we have an admirable mention that surely deserves a spot on this list: SculptGL. This app is free, doesn’t require a download/installation and doesn’t need you to sign up. It run straight in your browser and allow you to start sculpting your original model in seconds. It’s a huge app to start messing around and find out if this method of model is right for you. Of route it won’t lead to the most dramatic design, but it is a good sandbox!
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C-DESIGN PROVIDES OUTSOURCE CREATIVE SERVICES IN  Outsource 3d Modeling,3d ModelsModeling Services,3d Modeling Services in India. outsourcing 3d modeling works.




Augmented Reality is the technology which had capture our mind like no other facing. This technology is frequently obtainable as the innovative technology, but its form has be full around for years.  beginning being discipline base notion to science base reality, augmented actuality has grown from purchaser liberty to company space. present has been a time while the cost of enlarged reality be so extensive that the designers might only dream of functioning on design projects that are concerned in it but now it has changed and is accessible on mobile phones as well. According to the experts, the AR market might be value $122 billion by 2024 to mix the actuality with fiction in images. There are some more challenge in AR that are immobile to resolve.

What is Augmented Reality?

In easy words, augmented reality is the knowledge which expand the corporeal world of digital in sequence by adding layer into it. Augmented Reality technology does not make the whole mock surroundings just to replace them through a virtual one instead it appear in direct view of the accessible environment and add the sounds, images, video, graphics, etc to it. This knowledge has many unlike realisation models and applications, but to supply a rich audiovisual experience, is the primary purpose or the purpose after it.

Applications of Augmented Reality

·         Medical

In medical, the use of AR technology is to perform the surgery in a prohibited surroundings. The revelation aid in explanation the complex medical situation to patients and AR technology plays a important role in it. It also reduce the risk of process by giving the doctor improved sensory insight. The aptitude to modify the image of the intellect in 3D on the top of the patient’s actual; analysis is also a influential tool for the doctor that AR technology give to us.

·         Military

In the military, Heads up Display is the mainly ordinary example in which AR skill plays an significant role. This technology is used for the simulation for training purpose and the critical data such as opponent location can also be obtainable with the help of AR technology to the military inside their line of sight. It also naturally helps pilots to spot directly in the fighter’s vision which include altitude, airspeed and horizon line in adding to another critical view.


Navigation applications are the nearly all ideal and obviously fit request of augmented reality with our day-to-day lives. through the help of augmented reality, the improved GPS system can be worn to build it easier for the people to acquire their directions from position A to point B (source to destination). with the Smartphone’s camera in mishmash with the GPS, the user can look the select route over the live vision of what is there in frontage of their car.

·         Maintenance & Repair

The augmented reality helps mechanic to build repairs to an engine so to they can see a superimpose imagery and in order in his definite line of sight through the help of head-worn exhibit. The image of the needed tool can show the exact motion which a mechanic needs to execute. AR technology create simulation which can be used to train the technicians that can radically lessen the training expenses.

·         Gaming

With the progress in technology, the compute power and gaming applications in augmented reality are on the upswing. Some of the popular sport like Pokemon Go, Ghost Snap, Zombies, etc have created a feeling & excitement in patrons for gaming. With use of augmented actuality these games have been able to object all age group citizens worldwide. The head-worn system is an reasonable and computing power is more movable than ever with the help of AR technology.AR game works with your mobile device and superimpose mythical creature over the everyday scenery.
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Rendering is all about adding shades, lights or color to3d or 2d wireframe which creates life-like images on a screen. In video games, real-time rendering helps in making the interactive process more powerful within the players. With the advancement of technology and the scope of available software resources, the term real-time rendering means animation which is rendered appears to be created in absolute real time. Real-time rendering process consists of three phase:-application stage, the geometry stage and rasterizing stage. The main advantage of real-time rendering is that the rendering phase is eliminated out of the animation production pipeline. This was traditionally present during past years where once character rigs and your model sets for position, light or camera angle sets on, then your scene gets off to render. Then after the response of footage back and with little adjustments, waiting process of getting final look of the film continues along with fewer revisions.
Rendering is all about making a 3d or 2d image from the model with the help of an application programme. Rendering helps in reducing design cost and increases efficiency. Such techniques are used in video games, TV special effects, animated movies, simulators, architectural designs and also in design visualisation. There are 2 types of rendering pre-rendering and real-time rendering. Real-time rendering means producing and focusing images which are part of computer graphics in real time. Such type of rendering is used for the interactive purpose in the gaming industry and interactive graphics as images need to be created at the rapid speed. And pre-rendering is used where image calculations should be given more priority using multi-core central processing units and photo realism should be given due importance. It’s generally used in visual effects and in the animation industry.
Augumented Reality 3.jpg
Rendering is the word that describes user interactivity level with video games, mobile experience, or even in augmented or virtual reality. Those images which are used in them get rendered so fast that it enhances user interaction level. With the advancement of real-time technology, big bantered movies are making its full advantage as it reduces production time and cost. Not only quality level shots but also multifarious images can be easily reviewed and also in lesser time.
The major constraint of real-time rendering is all about dispensation capacity of the host machine as certain elements like gravity, particles of dust, water or smoke etc requires the stronger processor to deal with such extra information. Such detailed information requires a more powerful processor without which scene will either becomes virtual slide show or it will become stumble. Or if possible then it’s advisable to reduce detailed information or extra in formations can be directly modelled into the characters like clothes or hair while making video games or in the animation industry.
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